Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Another world

There has been a lot of talk of life on Mars with the release of the new film The Martian by Ridley Scott.  Yesterday, blip world was full of photographs of another red planet, our very own Moon in eclipse.

Here is another glimpse of a different world, the view from the Arnside Knott towards Ingleborough as the low-lying mist was soaking up the intense colours of the pre-dawn sky.  It really was like being transported to another planet.  As Gus and I toiled our way up to the highest point of the Knott, one of our neighbours was already there watching in awe as the colours rapidly evolved 20 minutes before the sun was due to rise.  He had been there when the sky was bright scarlet, when we could only see it through the trees.

The sun eventually rose over the left shoulder of the limestone mountain, I always feel that this is one of the key turning points in the pattern of the seasons and the sunrise.  Soon the sun will rise well to the south of this landmark as it moves closer to the winter nadir.

I witnessed a beautiful sunset too.  But when I took the camera out of my bag, the battery was flat.  Yet I had charged it last night, and it normally lasts a week.  So I did that rare thing, I just stood and watched and enjoyed.

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