As you know, I am always up for a challenge, but now on 1st October, there are two challenges to be taken into account.

The first is a continuing one, Abstract Thursday - and I have no doubt it will surprise you to know that this shows the contents of my fridge and much camera twirling was done to get this blip.  I have had to play around with the colours somewhat to fit in with the next challenge - so read on.

When I first started blipping, I met SweetArt and she always did a challenge for October called PinkTober - and I must admit my pink robe and slippers are both getting very excited about being the subject of a blip!

The point of this challenge is to make people aware but also to ask them to click on this link so that those who are unable to pay for a mammogram can have one free.

We are so fortunate in the UK to be able to have free mammograms and although they can be quite painful, why would you not have one (if you are eligible) when they are free?  And let’s not forget that it’s not only ladies who are affected by breast cancer - I know of several men who have been diagnosed with it.

So, as I like to join in with the various challenges, doing two in one will be a challenge in itself - but as all you ladies reading know, we are able to multi-task - so bring it on.

Have a great day and a wonderful PINK month.  

“Courage isn't having the strength 
     to go on - 
          it is going on 
               when you don't have strength.”
Napoléon Bonaparte

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday about Mr. HCB - I was very tired, so had an early night - getting up at 7 a.m. is definitely not for me!

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