Saw an incredible amount of great improv today - and I even was in a show myself. So many high quality improv - with my personal part of the festival being 'Ladies night' with all-female teams. That made me realize how different the sex ratio is here in NYC compared to Groningen: back home we had trouble finding men for our improv team, here I am usually the only woman. Anyway, even all these shows did not meet the 'clanging' show we saw tonight, starring Josh Radnor ('How I met your mother') and one of his best friends, Dion Flynn (who plays Obama in Jimmy Fallon's show). The sparkle of friendship just lifted everything to another level - and clanging is just amazing (see it here, starts at 2.48). 

Weirdly, this added two more celebrity names to our weekend...with the Pope, Alex Rodriguez in action with the Yankees, this show and tomorrow's Frank Turner show this is getting out of hand. And did I mention we got to wave at the real Obama today at fifth avenue (no photo :()

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