A walk in the woods

Pippa is more cautious than she used to be when walking in the woods, always checking the trail ahead. She's much more wary of bigger dogs than she was as a pup. Today was a good day to get up and out early (I didn't). Anyone who decided to holiday in the UK this week must have thought they'd won the lottery. We're enjoying the high pressure system we hardly saw in the summer and the warm days are giving way to misty mornings.

It's been a bonus for the summer house that catches the afternoon sun. I spent most of the day there yesterday and loved it when the sun shone directly in before it dipped over the trees at about 4.30pm. It was just like turning off a heater.

Another big rugby day tomorrow, off to London for a lunchtime start with friends - that's a lot of socialising before we reach the ground for an 8pm kick off, don't want to peak too early.

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