Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


I apologise for yet another portrait of one of the boys - I am busy helping them pack in between rushing off to the shops for last minute things we have forgotten (like batteries for the calculator - I thought they were all solar powered these days?) I have not had time to go in search of a photo so Luke helped me out. I must add that Murdoch was sitting next to him - no, almost on top of him - in the hope that he would be in the photo too. He actually looks up at the camera and almost smiles in anticipation of the click....funny dog!

Thomas was surprised to have been short listed for the next round of auditions for the NYO (National Youth Orchestra). During October half term he has to audition again in front of a larger panel who also interview him. There are only two rounds of auditions each year. His trumpet teacher is certain that they never select anyone the first time they audition, so Thomas is not feeling too pressurised, so he will go along and enjoy the experience.

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