Cathedral Visit

So I'm still on a quest to "Catch the Light", and today it led me to Lincoln Cathedral. (Many thanks to GK for the opportunity!) I was hoping to get shots of sunlight on/through the stained glass windows, and along with several other shots, I did! 

The one I've included here is my favourite, as I like the way the colours really sparkle like jewels! The cathedral is an amazing place. My intention was to go in, take some shots and come out. But I was in there way longer than planned just wandering, admiring and soaking up the atmosphere.

Today the place was very busy with a group on a guided tour and what seemed like a horde of university photography students armed with tripods, sackfuls of lenses in some cases cameras that probably cost more than our house!

I think I could use some proper lessons actually. It would be good to know what I'm actually doing rather than just pointing, shooting and hoping for the best! At least now I am not constantly at work I have a bit more time to start learning more about my camera and what it can do!

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