... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Covered Market Entrance: Homelessness

More lonely in large.

This fellow is a familiar face around Oxford: he's been homeless for a long time, and can always be seen somewhere in the centre of town. Arachne has previously blipped him here. I was struck by his dejected demeanour as he sheltered and smoked in one of the high street entrances to the covered market...
Homelessness is such a problem in Oxford; a lot is done (there are several local charities, shelters, and opportunities), but it is obviously not nearly enough, and it seems that it is mostly the symptoms that are treated rather than the causes (not that I'm doing anything helpful).
The next picture that I took lifted me though: Butch (a long-term 'Big Issue' seller) strode past merrily, and his demeanour couldn't be more optimistic or buoyant.

I also photographed birds in the garden at home: I saw house sparrows and the dunnock from my window, so went into the garden and got closer shots of great tits, blue tits, and the (v. shy) dunnock. This proud and puffed-up blue tit would have been my blip had I not ventured into town...

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