What The Blip!

By JebusBlips

Bikes, Puzzlewood & A Cave

Forest Adventures - Day 4

Five things we did today:

1. Rented mountain bikes for the week from the Retreat (main reception) of our holiday home providers
2. Cycled out to Puzzlewood which is an amazing ancient wood and site of many a TV show (Merlin) and film including the new Star Wars movie (my geek mode was truly engaged)
3. Then off to Clearwell Caves that also used to be mines. Some very interesting but sad facts learned about the working conditions, especially those of the children who worked there
4. We managed to leave one of our number behind outside the caves as we hadn't noticed he had gone to the loo so I cycled back to look for him up a killer hill but he had gone. I rejoined the main group and we got a call from our lost soul who said he was making his way back a different route. I really wanted to push myself physically on the ride home so I sped on ahead of the others. Got slightly lost but eventually made it back to find Matt waiting outside. Fortunately the carrier of the cabin key was not far behind me
5. All totally exhausted we didn't fancy cooking so we ordered a curry and very nice it was too

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