What The Blip!

By JebusBlips


Forest Adventures - Day 5

After yesterday's physical exertions I decided to have a rest day with half an eye on October 4th.

The others all went out; some for sightseeing and some to meet family who live locally. I decided to stay in and put my feet up (after my OCD made me tidy up a bit) and I watched the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road, from the on demand movies selection.

We had agreed to BBQ tonight and when Ed and Georgie were the first to return we started getting things going. Fast forward a few hours and everyone was home and Ed had cooked up a storm on our collection of disposable barbies, with some assistance from me.

Bellies full and with midnight approaching I suddenly realised I didn't have a Blip for today so I rushed upstairs to take a picture of my roommate Steve's acoustic Fender guitar.

To make it moderately more interesting I have cropped it slightly and boshed it through Snapseed to get this grainy black and white.

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