Loch Eanaich in the evening

Woke up past 7 am. I ate my breakfast and packaged my rucksack past 8 am. The truth is that I was not in a hurry so I left my "Rothiemurchus bedroom" past 9 am.

I started to climb into the open country. leading me towards to Lairig Ghru. I passed one beautiful isolated tree in the beginning of my Saturday' s journey. Soon I had a nice view to cliffs of Lurcher' s Crag. While I was joining the north ridge of Sron na Lairige, I saw one rescue helicopter and simple formation of flying birds. It was a question of time to reach the top of the Sron na Lairige.
After that I met one small friend on my way to Braeriach. Even Ben Macdui shown his beautiful side for a while.
I was reaching the top of Braeriach in the early afternoon. The weather was so good. I mean no rain, just most of the moonrise were hidden in clouds. Time by time I was able to see some beautiful views downside to Lairig Ghru like that. You still have a chance to see the rest of the snow there. I met just three people during my walk on this ridge. One Englishman was going in opposite direction and a Spanish couple of youngsters in the same way like me at that moment. I spoke with them for a while. Carlos and Paula had a plan to go through the Angel' s Peak, Cairn Toul and Devil's Point to reaching the Corrour Boothy.
I was following them to Angel' s Peak and after that I came back to Einich Cairn because my plan was reaching the Loch Einich.
The truth is that I realised that I' m not going the extension of my route to Sgor Gaoith (next time in future). I was reaching Loch Einich past 6 pm.It was good idea to taking a rest for a while ;-)
It' s a really beautiful isolated loch inside the Cairngorms. I would like to be back here for some kind of night sky photography some day. But not today. I recognised that night sky wasn' t so clear so I did a quite psychedelic picture a few minutes before the night was coming. I was illuminating the stones with red bulb of head torch.

Hope that you will be like it. I mean this "psychedelic" effect on my blip from Loch Einich.
After that I was walking almost two and a half hours to reach the Coylumbridge again. And I found a good place for pitching the tent ;-)

It was a long and beautiful day for me. I have been walking almost 25 km (or slightly more) inside the Cairngorms. And to be honest, the best thing was no rain or strong wind in the area. You should met just clouds above 1000 m ;-) Good exercise for using the map and compass time by time.

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