By PhilattheBeach

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

And the rain is not over yet. Close, but not completely done.
We thankfully had mostly just steady light rain and drizzle this morning and afternoon but after the historically heavy rain that pounded down on us, sadly so many here remain totally under water.
However there was one sign that the stormy weather is coming to an end. After we left the marsh where we were checking on the birds and alligators, we went over to the inlet to check on the goats and saw this rainbow looking east out toward the ocean. We will take that as a positive and optimistic sign. 
Extra shows a snowy egret fishing, yes fishing, on a flooded sidewalk.
Fish along with water, was everywhere that it should not be these past few days. 
Also this alligator sign is normally about four feet up on land, but is now almost completely submerged.

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