By PhilattheBeach

Rain and More Rain

We have had historic amounts of rainfall steady since Thursday here in South Carolina. A state of emergency has been declared and some towns have been evacuated while others remain under curfew.
Three weather related deaths have been reported so far and rescue workers have been searching this evening for occupants of a vehicle that was swept away by flooding due to rain.
We will have received 6 months worth of rain in just three days. Many residences, businesses and even major highway are flooded over and inundated with rain water.
So far, our house and immediate neighborhood have been relatively unscathed by it all but the rain is expected to continue this evening and overnight so who knows...
We grabbed the waterproof point and shoot and went over to the inlet this afternoon at high tide to see how things looked and to check on the goats. The goats were apparently OK and were all huddled together in their little 'goat hut' on a far right portion of Goat Island that was cut off from the main section. That is the photo you see here.
Extra shows a clapper rail that was just standing on some floating reeds  in the marsh. The poor little guy seemed confused and quite irritated. Clapper rails are secretive birds that are often heard but rarely seen as they typically hide in among the tall grass and reeds in the marsh. This one was right out in the open and in some distress.
We hope to make it through the overnight without flooding. The rain came to within about 8 feet from our back door this morning, and a hard steady rain overnight could be trouble.
I'll check back here in the morning and try to provide an update.

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