"What Does Evacuation Mean?"

With Hurricane Mathew baring down on the southeast United States, the governor of our state of South Carolina has declared an evacuation order for the coastal regions of the state starting Wednesday at 3pm.
The hurricane is expected to hit us overnight Friday and into Saturday.
We do not plan to abandon ship, leave our home, and go anywhere.
At least that's the prevailing feeling at the moment, things could change if the reports begin to worsen.
Right now we are expecting tons of rain and high wind gusts but nothing tremendously catastrophic. At least that's the hope.
We went over early this afternoon to check out the goats, they were still out on goat Island with not a care in the world. I expect they will be removed and taken someplace safe tomorrow or Thursday.
Most of the area grocery stores were cleared of all bottled water and other supplies by late afternoon today and gas stations were packed.
My main concern for us is we have some high windows (16-18 off the floor) in the back of our house and that if they get blown out we have no way to reach them to cover the wind and water from entering.
My second concern is we have a couple of tall pine trees in the back that if you look at them funny they will topple over right on us.
Third main concern is losing power.
Fourth concern is flood water coming in to the house from the back.
Fifth concern is other stuff I haven't thought of yet.
As long as we have power I should be able to supply updates.
We shall see...

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