By wsjohnson

"poor old granddad, i laughed at all his words"

"I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger'

You know, truer words I reckon have never been spoken. Yes, but if I did know then what I know now, there is no questioning the obvious fact: I wouldn't be where I am now; not if I actually heeded the wisdom gained by virtue of the years lived. (I think that makes sense, but I'm not entirely sure)

The coolest Scotsman I could ever imagine (you gotta get to 5:56 to see why!) yeah, I know he's not 100% Scot, but he is a Celtic United supporter for life - even while residing in Los Angeles for well nigh 23 years -

 (for the record - and the sake of authentic scripting - Rod was born and raised in Highgate, North London, his dad was and remains a Scot, but alas, Rod, well he's an Englishman)

ohh, la, la

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