By wsjohnson

touchy, touchy, touchy - mono monday -

Okay, so like life goes on, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you either get with the program, or allow the program to get with you. And with that bit of nonsense done, I better get up and out and catch that Virgin back to Coventry, got a life to realize you know!

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and concerns regarding Steffi's condition and/or health. Believe me, they were received with the intentions they were sent. I am truly blessed to know (however tangential) you all. 

Good people have a way of just being themselves

Okay, moving on . . . Mono Monday is here and the 'theme' is "fun" - interesting term, "fun" - what exactly is defined as 'fun' is strictly determined by the person doing/experiencing it. 

I recall, back in my youth, when sado-masochism was fun, yessiree, it sure as shootin was!

(If I have to explain that, YOU are in trouble!)

I understand, S&M while socially unredeemable to some, is extremely rewarding to others, as for me and my "enjoyment" of same, well it was strictly in the written sense of the word "fun". Back in my collegiate days, to supplement my meager income, I honed my 'craft' by 'ghost-writing' articles and imaginary scenarios pertaining to the practice.

(and you thought I was wearing leather and smacking butt) Shame on you! - or not -

Someone once told me smoking helps to quell anxiety, they lied !!!

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