The dreaded Honey Fungus

A huge thank you for all the stars and hearts for yesterday's reflections., which is sitting on page 1 of the populars.  I am so pleased you liked it.

I picked up a friend this morning en-route to our photography class and she has three big patches of honey fungus which in past years have killed off some of her trees.   Beautiful but deadly.

The extra is the result of a challenge set by Hildarose and I am so relieved I didn't do any permanent damage.  For anyone daft enough to try it, can I suggest a good warm-up to start with.  It's also made me realise what a house slut I am.  I spotted a marble under the settee, so that hasn't been moved for a few months weeks and it can jolly well stay there a bit longer.

Chestnut Avenue is the road we have to drive (or walk) up and down to get in and out of our estate exclusive development.  The challenge is to avoid conkers hitting the roof of the car, or if they do, hope the husk wasn't attached.  Walking is even more perilous.  At the moment the road is covered in a mixture of leaves and mashed conkers.

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