By Veronica

Flying fish

I went to Caunes-Minervois today, for the annual Fête du Marbre -- Caunes is famed for its red marble. Sculptors open their workshops or set up stalls in the streets to display their work. As I've mentioned before, Caunes is very picturesque, but last time I went the weather was not propitious to strolling around. This time I enjoyed taking my time wandering the narrow streets and admiring the many handsome houses. There was also a sculpture path leading to the quarry, but to be honest, it was 31C this afternoon and I didn't fancy trudging up there in the blazing sun. Not trying to make you Brits jealous, honest.

For the sculpture, well, sometimes I couldn't help feeling it was a shame that so much work and skill were devoted to the production of objects that were frankly naff. But I liked this flying fish, and a few other pieces. I almost blipped a sculptor, but the fish made me smile and S isn't here to adjudicate, so the sculptor is my spare blip today.

Interesting how different marble looks when it's unpolished and weathered. Finally, these pieces aren't marble but I found the juxtaposition inexplicably pleasing.

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