I’m going to catch a big one.
What a beautiful day!
I’m not scared.
(With apologies to Michael Rosen who wrote “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt”.)

After reading the comment made by Nicki Maguire on the Blipfoto Friends Facebook page, and having already decided I wanted to use this for one of the days in the Pinktober challenge, this was my mission today - to go into the town centre and find the wonderful VERY LARGE PINK BRA that had been crocheted and put together by a team of women in Swindon.  It's made up of over 400 squares, with a hefty amount of stuffing to fill the cups, since they were so large!

I had to stop and ask one of the Shopping Centre security staff, who just happened to be a man, where it was, and he kindly told me.  I got my shot of the Very Large Pink Bra from across the atrium and rather liked this one with all the people walking by.

I then came across an empty unit which had been taken over by bras and an exhibition of their history.  I went in and spoke to a lovely lady, Jo Fish, who, after I had explained about Pinktober, told me that I am welcome to go back at anytime during the coming week to take photographs, so I will return!  

There are also several Bra Banks around the town centre where unwanted, wearable bras can be placed and then they will be sent to Africa, where there is a short supply of affordable bras.  The charity, Against Breast Cancer, will receive a donation based on the weight of the bras collected, so better go and sort a few out.

After reading about Fauzia yesterday (see my blip and the link), I contacted her and had a lovely email back from her today, which said:

“Thank you for writing such a warm and encouraging email. I did not think my interview would touch so many people; I spoke as it happened. Thank you for your prayers and I send you back good thoughts and good wishes too.  I opened your link and found it very interesting and can see myself getting hooked on it.”

So another friend in Pakistan who could very well be looking at this Blip too.

I have spoken to so many interesting people today and it was a joy to be out and about - although I was glad to get home and put my feet up with a cup of coffee.

What counts in life 
     is not the mere fact 
          that we have lived. 
It is what difference 
     we have made 
          to the lives of others 
               that will determine 
                    the significance 
                         of the life we lead.
Nelson Mandela

Please click again on this link so that those unable to pay for a mammogram can have one free of charge.

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