By witchcreations

Meals on Wheels

What a brilliant sight... my mum bringing dinner straight to my door.

I've still got tonsillitis... but Dave let me get a couple of hours sleep this morning,  and Mum was a star,  she made us a meat pie this evening, and brought it round with a box of vegetables all prepared for cooking and a tub of gravy... It tasted wonderful...

Little un had been both delightful and challenging today...

The good bit... we had a bath together this morning with lots of splashing around... great progress considering she never washes and is normally fearful/repelled by water... we then spent the day playing happily,  but then things took a turn for the worst and this evening she's been fighting sleep and has only just gone down in her cot at 21:45, after much faffing around and tantruming... 

I love her dearly but I hanker for one night of sleep and then a couple of hours on the sofa alone, drinking tea and watching a programme that isn't animated or designed for pre-schoolers...   It's very difficult to get well again whilst looking after her... But because our relationship is so new, I can't leave her with anyone else until we have formed a really strong attachment, and she feels properly safe and secure. This means that I haven't been apart from her at all since she moved in on August the 4th. It also means that my Mum and even Dave can't yet step in to give me time off...   In some ways it's like having a new born baby, as we're trying to create the sense of security and I'm learning on the job like any new mum... the difference is that she walks and talks, has opinions, tantrums, fads, preferences, fears... so during the day I don't get any chance to sit down, as she has me playing and moving around all the time and demands my full attention... at night she wakes and needs me several times every night,  she even comes to the loo with me... I long for a bit of personal space, but on the other hand I wouldn't give her up for the world.

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