Black Moshannon: No Fishing From Dock

We had visited Black Moshannon State Park on our way back from a backpacking trip on Tuesday afternoon, and we discovered that the foliage colors were mighty fine indeed. In fact, you may see a few photos of Black Moshannon's colors in my extra photos from that day. So we decided to visit again this afternoon. I hadn't seen any better colors anywhere locally, and was delighted to get a second shot (or two, or three, or more) of the show.

There was an event of some kind going on at the park, and I found out later that it was a local cranberry festival, complete with games, food, hayrides, and face painting. But we were there for the leaf peeping, so we skipped all of that as we made our way around the park, stopping at several different places.

I thought the view from the dock was worth showing you; although to be honest, there is an F missing from the words, so technically it is No ishing, not No Fishing. So behave now, you, and stop that ishing from dock! (And the M and the D seem to be headed in the same direction as that F, which is to say . . . fading away.) And so the dock shot is above.

The second shot (see extra photos) is also a view from a dock (yes, similarly labeled, but with the F), although you must take my word on this, as the dock itself is not featured in the shot. This one, however, is located at a different end of the park. I enjoyed the reflections of the foliage, and how the light shone through it in the afternoon; and how the little family enjoying their afternoon picnic at a picnic table by one of the little old-fashioned pavilions was also reflected upon the waters.

Now, you may go where you wish and do what you want and see all you can see . . . but for me, well, you'll find me sittin' on the dock of the bay, wasting time.  :-) And so the tune to accompany these images is Otis Redding, with Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.

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