October Reflections

Dear Diary,

We are very close to peak color here in Western Maine.  The little ponds that dot this area are a perfect place to sit and enjoy the show.  Nature is orchestrating a symphony of color right now.  You would think after 60+ years of this I would become complacent but that is never the case.

Today it will be near 70 F so it is outdoors for me.  There is a lot of cutting back to do and I will pick away at it all week.  There is bulb planting to do as well.  I swept out the barn yesterday and there is still tidying up to do in there.  There is always something that needs doing.

I remember years ago I decided to do the condominium thing.  No outside to deal with, care-free living.  But I found it unsatisfying.  I missed the contact with nature.  I have found a balance here.  I do what I can, what I am able and then I have kind folks that I can hire to do the rest.  It is the best of both worlds!

In the midst of this busy week I will take the time to just sit and breathe in this glorious pause before the colder, rainy days of November set in.  It is a time to be deeply grateful as well.  Somehow, I feel that gratitude more keenly in October for some reason.

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