By HaxSyn

Chili Crab Tagliatelle

Nothing exciting to report today so it's another dinner Blip. On a whim, I bought some white crab meat at the market, on Sunday, something I've never cooked before (not counting pre-made crab cakes). I cooked some tagliatelle and while that was bubbling away I lightly fried a chopped onion, a couple chilies and a couple garlic cloves. I used some lime flavoured oilseed rape oil mixed with some chili oil and added some paprika, a little chili powder and a little lemon juice. After it was all lightly fried I added the crab meat and fried it all up a little more before adding some single cream and the tagliatelle.

I sprinkled some parsley for visual affect, ground some black pepper and served it with some garlic bread.  Even if I do say so myself, it was delicious! I'm not really a fan of seafood (in fact I virtually never eat seafood except prawns on occasion) but this tasted really good, I think I got just the right balance of spicy chili and citrus while retaining a strong crab flavour.

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