Monday Outlook 19/10/2015

Outlook: dull! 

So dull that, should you look closely, the pier light is still on.

I could have tarted the photo up and made it look brighter, prettier but that's not the point of this series - it's the bay in all its moods (supposedly - I know that I do stray from time to time)

What can I say? It's a nothing kind of a day. 100% cloud cover, grey and so dark that my camera on Auto ISO pushed the setting up to 1000.

It remains very still, the calm that precedes the storm. The tide is out and it would be strangely quiet if not for the cacophony of geese over on Bea Loch.

I had a first go at shooting Nell running head on to the camera. Not so much a real effort as a minor exploration. The extra pic is the only one that came out even close to focus though naturally the out of focus ones had the best action feel and poses.  This is not something that I am going to be able to achieve alone. I require Mr L to work the starter's gun and to get Nell up to a good speed. I also need a way of getting her to come straight at me, not to try to avoid me and the camera.

It's not great, but we shall learn.

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