By strawhouse

The Best Shower Ever!!!

This truly is a wonderful shower!! It's semi enclosed in a wooden cabin and as you shower you can look at the trees and ferns and foxgloves. And it's lovely and hot and powerful - better than our shower at home!!!
And there are candles and beads and Himalayan prayer flags! It all sounds a little hippy-dippy but it's lovely!
And there's something fabulous about showering out in the open, in the woods!!
I can highly recommend these yurts. We had the 19 foot one and it's definitely in the best spot - completely secluded and with it's own bathing pool in the stream.
We made it back this afternoon in just over three hours. So much better than Friday's nightmare journey!
It was fabulous to see Mr K and the Little Misses again. They've had a very busy weekend in my absence: Miss E had a sleepover at Nana and Papa's on Friday and then they all went to see Nanny Eves on Saturday. Today they went to my brother's birthday party at lunchtime and a schoolfriend's party in the afternoon. It's all go!!!
They were pleased to see me though - I've never been gone for two nights before. Now we just need to pack them off to bed so we can watch the football.
What's the betting it'll end in penalties?!!!!

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