Peace and War

This is the closest we got to seeing the sun today. The sky turned red on the horizon, the redness broadened, and then faded away to the general greyness that lasted all day.
Hidden in the mist, at the bottom of the hill is the lake. A neighbour's houses can also be seen, hiding in the shadows.
A very peaceful scene to wake up to!
In contrast to this peaceful view was the film we saw at Film Studio tonight in town. It was "Omar", an Oscar nominated Palestinian film, directed by Hany Abu-Assad in 2014. When the film ended I realised how tense I was and felt like I'd been holding my breath for most of the film. According to David Schulman, reviewing the film in The New York Review of Books, the world it shows is all too real and the complexity of a  the occupier/occupied relationship very realistic. As Professor of Humanistic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem I can only assume Schuman knows his subject.
If you get the chance see this film!

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