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Lacock (Friday 16th October 2015)

This was taken in the Botanic Gardens inside Lacock Abbey NT grounds. It doesn't scream 'Autumn' so I have included an Extra taken at the other end of the grounds by the Pond that looks slightly more seasonal.

I had a quick wander round the grounds on my way back from a local shopping trip and had a late picnic lunch in the orchard. I also saw the current photographic exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum there. I'd hoped to see the Smokey-alike cat the Abbess on my walk but I expect she was curled up on top of a warm Aga at home somewhere.

22.10.2015 (2007 hr)

Blip #1686 (#1936 including archived blips)
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A Visit To Lacock Abbey NT, 16 October 2015 (Flickr album)

Taken with Panasonic Lumix LX-100

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Mads Emil Nielsen - Unfold (2015)
This opens Wire Tapper 39, the CD on the cover of Wire magazine, that I bought in Quemerford Post Office, on the outskirts of Calne, on this day, the last place I expected to be able to find one. Well done, Quemerford!
"Mads Emil Nielsen is an electronic musician and composer based in Copenhagen. He works with basic sound sources such as sine waves and noise, which he often combines with short percussive and orchestral samples, and an amplification of the surprises and errors produced by the machines he uses." - The Wire, November 2015

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