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Exeter (Saturday 17th October 2015)

I'd booked a place on an afternoon photographic tour of Exeter laid on by Olympus and drove down in the morning. I was delayed en route and caught up with the group at the River Exe, near the Quay, where there were shops and cafés, swans, kayaks, boats and people. I wasn't able to try out any of the cameras that had been dispensed at the start, clearly, but I did have two Pentax DSLR's with me so I didn't mind. It was a rather dull, overcast day and it was a challenge to find colour.

The chap from Olympus, Jez, I had met previously on the Bluebell Railway outing and the tour guide, Marcus, had come up from London, so neither was familiar with the city - in fact they would not have found the Exeter Ship Canal Basin if I hadn't suggested we visited it. From there we wandered up to Exeter Cathedral and spent some time exploring every aspect of it before we all returned to the London Camera Exchange in Fore Street, from where I took the picture I have chosen for my blip (I have linked to the other pictures I took below).

It was good to chat to other photographers and compare notes, but Exeter is a very large city and I would like to explore far more of it, especially the river areas on the outskirts, so maybe I will return when the days are long again.

P.S. I never use multi-storey car parks if I can possibly avoid them, because I loathe, despise and detest them, but I must just say that the Princesshay 2 car park in Exeter was a concrete A-Z of everything I most hate about them.

25.10.2015 (2045 hr)

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From their first album in several years, Kablammo!  I'm rather surprised to find that Ash have not been featured here before after over 1,000 LOTD's.

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