new transportation

Steve trying out a Beach Cruiser . . . . 

I've been thinking for a while it would be great to hop on a bike, get more exercise and fresh air, mmmmm. Our neighborhood would be perfect. Steve has an old mountain bike that he had not been using and he said he would drag out from under the porch If I wanted. But, it wasn't that comfortable. Hmmm . . . I kept thinking about the possibilities and when I walked past a bike shop earlier this week I decided to stop in to see what was available. I had no idea what kinds of bikes there were and how much a bike would cost these days. I was pleasantly surprised, it was less than I thought for a basic bike.

I told Steve what I'd found and he encouraged me. Then he said hmmmm, for that price, maybe he would get a bike too and we could go out riding together - wow! I was not expecting that from him. It made me very happy.  

SO today, we went to the shop together and tried out some Beach cruisers, as they are called. These bikes have fat tires, no gears, only 1 speed and you brake with your feet and the pedals, not on the handle bars! Like the bikes we rode when we were kids! We have come full circle 50 years later :o)))

The bike above was a bike that Steve test drove. In the extras I put a panorama of three shots of Steve testing it stitched together; I hope it shows up ok, being a panorama. YES!  Plus one small photo of our 2 new bikes at home in the driveway that Steve took. We already took them out for a spin. happy! 

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