End of a Lovely Week

Last day of our holiday in the East Neuk and I was up early to tidy and pack so we could vacate our holiday apartment by 10am.  There was no chance of sleeping in (thanks upstairs neighbours!).  The boys headed off to the football pitch as BB needed a real footballer, and one with no injuries, to kick about with.  I went for a last wander round the harbour and wandered up to the football pitch.  We then wandered down to the playpark and back round the coast.  It was the coldest day of our week here.  Before leaving Crail we visited the pottery and I bought a little something which will no doubt feature on blip at some point as an emergency blip.

BB wanted to go to St Andrews to spend the money he got from grandad on football cards and as it was lunchtime we popped into a lovely café and had a splendid lunch.  Once the cards were bought and we were chilled to the bone we headed back to the car, stopping in a wonderful bookshop that I wasn’t aware of.  I could have spent the rest of the afternoon in there quite happily.

We were heading to granny and grandad’s as we were going to the birthday party of one of my oldest friends in the evening.  BB was so excited about going to the party (and had been all week!).  A great evening was had by all – it just wasn’t long enough.  It was so nice to catch up with friends.  We got home late, which was very late for BB!

Here is the courtyard at Crail Pottery.  The extra is BB in the bookshop.

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