It's sad seeing the iconic icon of Christchurch, the Christ Church Cathedral, still in such a derelict state since the earthquakes in 2010/11. It's time to move on and the 'powers to be' to make a final decision, to restore or to demolish. 
I've also noted how quickly the pigeons moved in and nature took over, certainly time doesn't stand still.
I've heard Derelict Sunday has returned but a plus this time of being able to capture something derelict during the week with a big round up on Sunday's, this weeks tags are DS1, derelictsunday1, derelictsunday.

I had a wonderful day walking round the city with JMK, how the city is changing as buildings have been demolished and new ones emerging from the rubble. There's still plenty of fences, road cones, detours and lots of scaffolding but there are also some lovely green areas in the city, gardens, river walks and vibrance from the re-start mall. People are out and about enjoying the new cafes and atmosphere a new city has to offer. My extra is a shot from Victoria Square, the trees are beautiful with their fresh spring green canopies under planted with colourful pansies.
Thanks to you all for yesterday's stars, fav's and lovely words for my little bluebells, I'm thrilled you all enjoyed them. I guess they won't last much longer as spring moves into it's last month with fresh new changes along the way.
Happy Saturday everyone :) 

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