Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Put 'Em Up

This is my makeshift ottoman.  It works well intermittently.  That is when it is close enough to me that I can rest my calves on it.  The other condition is that I mustn't wiggle very much at all or the box will fall off the can.

Yes, that is what it is made of  just in case you couldn't figure that out from the photo.  Underneath the Amazon box there is a small plastic trash can.  The only problem with the can is that the top (bottom?), on which the box rests, is not as wide as the base.  It has narrowed by quite a bit. That is what makes this contraption so unstable.  Big box on little rectangle! 

The bright blue blanket was given to me from the paramedics  who brought me to the hospital by ambulance.  Apparently, everyone gets the blanket whether you use it or not.  Summer in Arizona  No wonder it costs so much!

Okay,  now this entire thing begs the question, "Why the heck did you do this, Laurie?"

There was no way in my living room to extend my legs.  None.  My only option to watch TV or work on my laptop or even just relax was to sit up straight.  Not the best for my recovery after surgery. 

If you think about my recliner, you'd realize that the arm that controls the leg extender is on the right side of the chair - a side I couldn't possibly operate it recovering from an open reduction internal fixation surgery on my right hand.  When I had the broken hand and didn't know it  there were times it took me up to five minutes to get out of the chair. 

Hence, my ottoman for the next couple of months, I fear.

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