The mind Boggles.

There are shops in Penrith which lurk. The thing is to know where they lurk, quite a few of them lurk up one or another of the ''Yards''. I suspect it may be a ruse ... lower rates/rent and their reputation draws people.
We were at one such today and spotted this Ivy-leafed Toadflax.
The gospel according to WIKI© says it's ''Cymbalaria muralis (Ivy-leaved toadflax or Kenilworth Ivy) is a flowering plant native to Mediterranean Europe and widely naturalised elsewhere.''
When I stop learning I'll be dead. I've known this plant as a Brit from kiddywinkhood and just learned today it ain't one of ours.

Another thing I learned today claims to be evergreen, must watch it.
''The leaves are evergreen, ............. The flowers are very small, similar in shape to snapdragon flowers.'' (Antirrhinum)

This, too, is news...
''This plant has an unusual method of propagation. The flower stalk is initially positively phototropic and moves towards the light-after fertilization it becomes negatively phototropic and moves away from the light. This results in seed being pushed into dark crevices of rock walls, where it is more likely to germinate and where it prefers to grow.''

What I've yet to learn...It doesn't look the least bit like Flax and I haven't a clue where the toad sneaks into the equation.

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