Origin of sound (MonoMonday MM91)

This came to light from the continuing sorting out of our loft - it is (was) in the box of things Gill has said I 'have' to go through.   Somewhere up there are two turntables, a Dual 604 direct drive and a Thorens TD160 bought 2nd hand on a whim when next to the Linn Sondeck, Pink Triangle and Rega Planar they were the audiophile icons to have in one's living room* .... and if you're still with me you will no doubt remember the fun and games trying to keep the discs clean and the various widgets designed to improve the experience ... I was a student at the time so I just went for a dash of still visible blutack for a little extra damping where the stylus carrier meets the rest of the cartridge.

Photographed in the style of Gramophone or HiFi, the two magazines my father in law and I used to read.

The download generation have it just too easy.

*I still have the Kef speakers and Arcam amplifier which will no doubt be let loose once we move to our new, further away from the neighbours,  house.

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