Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Happy Birthday J!!!

Went to the 70th birthday party of our friend and neighbor, J.  After a fabulous spread of every sort of sushi and then yummy cupcakes, lots of drink and basking in their wonderfully decorated home with huge numbers of balloons, and a lot of poeple, his wife M surprised him (and everyone else but me who was asked to take photographs) with the appearance of Aunt Betty Malone, a female impersonator, who was fabulously entertaining with songs “I put a spell on you”, the man that got away”, ‘Sugar in my bowl” and Black Coffee”!      Had to be blipped!  :-)    I wasn’t in position to catch the VERY first look on J’s face but this is his sort of stunned participation in the first piece, with wife M grinning on the left…  I think "Aunt Betty" is very theatrical and talented actually —it was a great show in an intimate space with lots of smiles and laughter all around.!

Aunt Betty is on a few youtubes but I think what we saw was the best!!!

A few more extras…. one of J and M with Aunt Betty and his partner  --one of the first gay couples to be legally married in the state of Washington (J and M were in attendance at the wedding) 

And the flickr set some more of the fab entertainment...included.    

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