River Eamont Part 23
When we last saw the River, it was flowing wide, past Brougham Castle, under the old bridge and then under the A66. It then flows out towards the open countryside and the hills. It makes huge meanders (anyone interested should take a look at the location map and see these quite spectacular loops and bends.)
Unfortunately, this section of the river, including the meanders, is through private land and there is no public access. Obviously there is fishing going on, as there are a few small buildings by the side of the river and the Eamont is apparently known for its Brown Trout. It is a pity though that this lovely area is owned by one person and fenced off to keep other people out, when it could be a great area for walking by the river. Oh well! Come the revolution . . . !
In order to get some glimpse of it, we took a quick walk up a footpath above the river and looked down. It was very difficult to get any idea of the way the river flows in great meanders, especially with the trees still in leaf. I tried at various points and this is the best I could do.
For the next stage of our journey I will be taking this path again, but going further on. There are a few blippers who know exactly what this leads to and why I need to go there. In fact at least three blippers have been with me on previous occasions and I hope I will have someone with me when I go again. 


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