Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Today Victoria helped with some plumbing, cleaning walls and learnt how to plaster; although slow, (she had never done any before) she made a good job of it too.
Inspired by Honeycombebeach I thought it was about time I did something for Pinktober. I did get a picture of Dougal watching the world go by, from his new choice of sleeping place; my desk. He does not like the cold and I think he will be my companion for the rest of the winter, rousing himself and watching when a vehicle or some horses go by. I have included him as my extra picture today.
So back to pink, today’s picture is of my pink dressing gown, battered pink iPhone case and a pink breast cancer ribbon, the colours have not been enhanced. The paw was accidental when it suddenly appeared in the viewfinder as ‘someone’ reached out to play! I think next year, if I remember, I will try and emulate Honeycombebeach’s fantastic achievement of posting a pink picture every day during October.So today, remembering, as well as others, V and her daughter C, as well as another little girl.

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