Lala's Journal

By Lala

Brambles at Dungeness

I felt a bit better this morning and really didn't want to waste my one day off with Mr L so we set off to Dungeness, armed with 2 pairs of binoculars and my powershot. A 2 mile walk around the hides, and definitely felt better for it. We both enjoyed this our first excursion into twitching. I took photos of herons, cormorants, wigeons, egrets and a hen harrier as well as several birds we did not know.

The reason I chose the bramble is the reason I took the photo. It's pink for the Breast Cancer campaign which is almost at an end and its flower Friday. Wait, I hear you cry, it's only Thursday! Yes, you are right but I got so muddled with my days over this half term I thought it was Friday and was determined to have a flower that wasn't a cheat from the garden! So there! It's FF for me today.

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