A Game of Dice

Early start to the day. Friend from London rang me up at crack of dawn in tears because she’d put her SD card in the wrong slot in her printer and now couldn’t get it out. I’m usually the one that saves her in such situations. But 500 miles away and still in the early stages of sleep inertia all I could offer was sympathetic listening. I do hope her card hasn’t been swallowed up forever. Went into town in the search of Halloween inspiration, but honestly apart from what was on sale in the shops there was nothing happening. Perhaps tonight! Have been sorting out stuff to take down to Fiona’s Car Boot Sale and found this long lost dice. I used to collect dice (now spread around the world) and one of my students at the time gave me this round dice.  It is the only one I have kept because I’ve never seen another round one. I have made up for the lack of Halloween spirit by including a border -   hope it raises a smile and not a scream! Have a nice Halloween, Everyone!

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