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By ajt

Old tech

Busy day today. After work I went clothes buying, I have to replace my L and XL garments with S versions. This is expensive and annoying as most local shops hardly stock men's size S in anything...

At the start of the year I replaced my over 8 years old desktop computer with a modern one, and tweaked my better half's at the same time. Her computer is also due for a replace and I'm considering my options. My original plan was to get a new server, and then cascade the current server down to her with some upgrades in place, then I considered a small form factor computer, and most recently I considered keeping the case and just replacing the guts. Non of the options are as expensive as a decent all new box but I'm not sure which is least disruptive and least wasteful of perfectly good working bits...

Today's back blip is the inside of her computer, with some nice shadow pattern's on it from sun light showing through the case.

Around dinner my GP called and he thinks my blood pressure has fallen enough to not warrant the risk and cost of the medication - there are side-effects and risks so if it's safe to try without them I'm happy to give that a go.

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