Journey Through Time

By Sue

A Rare Treat

My cousins took us to Olive Garden for dinner.  They don't have one in Eureka, California, so it's a treat for them to go to some of the places that they like but rarely get to visit.  I love adult beverages but don't have them all that often.  I have had something like this before at Olive Garden, so decided that I really wanted to have this sangria cocktail.  It paired nicely with the citrus chicken and veggie dinner I had which was on their "lighter fare" menu.  I love pasta as much as the next guy, but decided I shouldn't have all those carbohydrates.  It was an excellent choice for me and I have left overs for today.  A win-win situation. 

Cousins are heading back home today decided not to go today but will head home on Sunday, and it was great to see them again.  They always have fun stories to tell.  

It is mild and rainy with occasional gusts of wind....  The weather has definitely become more Autumnal. 

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