Dancing Skeletons

I picked up this luminous skeleton in Poundland a couple of weeks ago. It's 'that' time of year and the relevant paraphernalia is in all the shops.  I still have my witch's hat and broomstick from a few years ago...no comments on that one please!  To capture this image it did mean sitting in the dark with a skeleton and a torch - 13" exposure to get enough luminosity.

I dragged husband into town later this afternoon to part with some money - we needed a new house phone - we've actually (in my eyes anyway) needed it for a lot longer but I lost my cool last night when, for no apparent reason, the one by my bedside started bleeping - again!!! When the cat sleeping on the bed decided that 6.30 was his breakfast time, that really was the 'end'.  We went shopping - cat has survived though!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone - if that's the correct greeting!

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