Right Yamb

Fourth time  trying to write and post anblip on my iPhone might be a charm!  I'll keep this one short as I can because it's so damn frustrating.

The first cast came off interestingly and just a little bit painfully. I thought there was metal holding my arm stiff but it was actually plaster. I don't know what I was expecting to see after everything came off and all I would see would be my hand. The incision was longer than I expected and I didn't think the pins would look the way they did.

I selected the orange cast because it would clash with all of my clothes! I thought it would be great conversation starter, too. Unfortunately, by the second day it was virtually gone. I went for my B – 12 shot and told the nurse the edges were painful. She helped me by wrapping it in cotton gauze and a stretch material which was blue. So now the only orange seen is below the wrist!

I can wiggle all my fingers but I can't straighten them all yet. I'm getting there! Baby steps. Right?

Edit note...the pins stayed in...

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