From Grey To Red

I had originally planned to post only the picture from the woods and to title it 'The Red Carpet'. But then I couldn't resist continuing my 'fog series'.

I landed this morning (Wednesday) at about 7am and was surprised that the fog from earlier in the week was still hanging on. Thankfully it wasn't thick enough to make driving home treacherous. I love fog, but not for driving!

Dolly was safely delivered by the dog sitter and we both enjoyed a long snooze! We got out just in time for a short walk in the woods and I found yet another path through Maidenhead Thicket. I'm loving these woods - what made me wait so long to go exploring??

We would have made it a longer walk but I'd already made arrangements to go see a friend of mine who had just turned 90 a few days before. An amazing and still active woman who was telling me all about her still-ongoing sewing projects. I hope I'm still that active when I'm her age! Dolly was on her best behavior and I think my friend enjoyed meeting her!

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