Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Light and rain

I rather like this view of central Glasgow as dusk falls on the rainy streets - taken from Floor 3 (which seemed to me to be at least 5 floors up) in the giant cinema complex on Renfrew Street. We were coming out from an afternoon showing of Spectre, the latest Bond movie, and this felt like a suitably exotic image for the lingering mood.

Ever since childhood I've felt transformed by films - as if I was walking differently, moving like someone in the story, deliberately being someone else - despite the fact that no-one else would realise this. In a Bond movie, this huge expanse of blue-lit glass would shatter in an instant and fall down into the street below ...

The film was excellent, by the way - sheer escapism, with a liberal dollop of the willing suspension of disbelief required - with some excruciating tension and wonderfully crazy action. I loved the nods to other Bond stories: the sequence that was straight out of Dr No took me back more than 50 years.

One of the characters, by the way, bore a strange resemblance to a member of the UK Government de nos jours ...

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