By shropsiren

Cream or Jam on top??

Today I travelled to Nairobi with my fellow senior volunteer James. We were to meet our host there who had drawn up a map of how to get to where we needed to be. Thank goodness for Google maps is all I can say!! By trying to folllow the directions we had been given we ended up taking the wrong left turn off the main highway. In our defence none of the roads were signposted, in particular the one we were supposed to take.This led us onto a back road, when I say back road I mean a dirt road, with potholes the size of the moon, where even the locals we passed seemed surprised to see a motor vehicle. This dirt road went on for nearly 30 km. Google maps kept insisting we were going the right way, and we were, however Google maps did not tell us that the road parallel a few miles north of us was a tarmac road and would have been a lot easier on my spine. We kept hoping we would eventually meet tarmac again, and eventually did once we hit Nairobi. Neither James or I complained as we saw bits of Kenya we would have otherwise never ventured into. So, an hour later than planned we arrived in Nairobi at our delightful lodgings for the night. We arrived just in time for afternoon tea (scones, jam and clotted cream- yummy). Later in the evening we got dressed up and went out to the opening of an art exhibition by an artist named Franny Simpson. Her paintings were lovely, though unfortunately I had to decline buying any as they just wouldn't fit in my hand luggage when I go home!!! Also my bank manager probably wouldn't be too impressed either. After the art exhibition we went out for Japanese cuisine. All in all a lovely day out of Gilgil thanks to my wonderful host.
I completely forgot to take any pictures, so as we were walking away from the exhibition we walked past a shop that had this wonderful bag for sale, it caught our eye as it has an uncanny resemblance to someone I am currently working with at the Restart Children's Centre. You know who you are!!!

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