Fully upside down

in the middle of a 'roll' on a fighter jet flight I took today. What an exhilarating experience, worthy of a lifetime of memories :)

The jet was an L39 and I was treated to all sorts of maneuvers that showed off how nimble the plane is: a few different types of rolls, a 'touch-and-go' approach (as is used when landing on an aircraft carrier), a quick 'buzz' over the landing strip, hard left and right banks. The ride was remarkably smooth - like a knife through butter. I got to fly the plane for a few minutes on its approach to the landing strip. I was urged not to go left too far, lest we enter the 60-mile restricted Washington fly zone and end up with two real jet fighters on our tail! The glass enclosed cockpit provided a 360-view of the surroundings and contributed to feeling as though I was 'walking on the clouds'. 

My pilot Joe was amazing; he's a retired Marine Corps general and a former test pilot and knew very well that I was nervous about the whole thing. He checked with me prior to each maneuver and talked me through its details. And while my stomach got 'displaced' on a couple of moves, the entire experience was nothing but pure wonderment. No wonder top guns feel like the masters of the universe :)

Here is the rest of my shots

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