Here goes nothing!

It's *the* big day, the outcome of which will influence not just US politics but likely world politics as well. 

As a French citizen, I couldn't vote, so I did the next best thing: I bounced around in a few polling places in DC, Virginia and Maryland to check out the mood. Two overwhelming reactions:
- "so glad this day is here and we won't have to listen to either of the candidates' rhetoric anymore."
- "I'm hoping for the best and I feel positive. But she needs to win and not just win, but win by a landslide or this country is in for a rough time..."

In Virginia, some guy in a pickup truck drove by, yelling "Trump, Trump, Trump. Put the in jail!" and roared off. But generally, this area is squarely on Clinton's side, so there should not be any surprises. Fingers crossed. 

Once the polls close (around 8 or 9pm depending on the State), I'm hoping for a quick resolution. Just like with juries: the longer it takes for the verdict, the worst the outcome... Here's to tomorrow's blip, in a country that will have found its sanity again :)

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