Goodbye Ozzy

This morning Ann said, ‘Molly, I’ve got to go to work all day so you & Ozzy can come with me.’  I wasn’t very pleased when I heard that because going to work with Ann means I just get boring ‘on my lead’ walks and a 5 min play in the park.  I knew it was Ozzy’s last day with me and I’d hoped we’d be going somewhere fun & exciting.  Ozzy is my very gorgeous golden retriever boyfriend.

So we walked to work and popped into the park first because Ozzy will only go to the toilet on grass?? so that we could have a little play off our leads.

Then we resigned ourselves to having a boring day and lay down in the office for a snooze.

And then do you know what happened?....................................

..............Matt & Amy appeared.  And do you know why they’d come to see us?..................  They were going for a walk on the dunes and thought we’d like to go with them.

We were soo, sooo, excited.  Well I was.  Ozzy rarely gets excited about anything because he is a very laid back, placid boyfriend.  The only problem with going for a walk with Matt & Amy was..................  neither of us could jump high enough to get into their car???  But Matt solved that problem because he just lifted us both up and plonked us in.  Yay!

And we had a fabulous time together on the dunes.  And at 5pm we walked home together, ‘on our leads’.  And when we got home we had our last dinner together.  And now we’ve just taken Ozzy home.

Missing you already Ozzles.  Please come back soon. xx

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