Bitter River

By shaun22


by Gorillaz

full day #10 with Laura : )

i used to tell myself that i would never blip flat space-
posters, tv screens, etc,
but now i've and done it twice in a week's time.

this is an image from Carl Theodor Dreyer's Vampyr,
which we watched today.
this movie has the most interesting subtitles i've ever seen.
the movie itself had an interesting style too,
it was only a half step away from being a silent movie-
heavily dominated by the score,
with very little dialogue (even less of it actually had subtitles),
but all of the sound effects were in place.

also went to Laura's radio show today, and got some free cd's:
Dysrhythmia "Barriers and Passages"
Eighteen Visions (self titled)
Russian Circles "Enter"
and Whitey "The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train"
(plus Butchies "Make Yr Life" for Sara-
no clue if she'll enjoy it, but they seemed interesting.)

i really wanted to go outside today,
but the weather didnt really cooperate.
some nice fog was building up as we left for the radio show,
but by the time we left it was a bit dark to really go blipping.
oh well, im here all week : )

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