What foul weather today... never mind.. I had my eyes glued to a computer screen for most of it.
Took Chino for 2 walks in and amongst... my text conversation to my work bud Mitch was...
"Taking Chino out for half an hour.. what joy!"
"That's why I don't have a dog!!!  Serves you right :O"
"Ha - and you're missing out on the smell of wet dog too!"
"Well at least you can warm your  hands up with the warm poo you have to pick up...every cloud and all that!:)"
Anyway whilst out thought I might try and photograph a puddle.. I had no idea Bingley had such good drainage.. where's a puddle when you want one!
A swim early evening to unwind... and in need of a blip.. blipped these flats on the way home.  I was rather chuffed to see I'd caught a head in one!!! And then felt rather naughty!  I did also order a Christmas jumper today though which says.. "Santa.. I can explain...." .........
I'm sure I'm still on his nice list :) 

Just finished work.... apologies for not commenting this evening.... please bear with me.. it's the silly season! :) x

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